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Critical Stages Touring is Australia’s national touring theatre company – discovering and developing the best independent theatre for audiences everywhere. We create outstanding live performing arts experiences that can travel, connecting these with diverse regional communities, and fostering a sustainable and rich national independent theatre sector.

In 2023, we will be touring 9 outstanding independent productions to over 70 destinations. These tours will employ over 70 artists nationally and support the jobs of hundreds of arts, hospitality, and technical workers. Many of our works will go beyond the stage to connect students, local organisations, and communities in deeper engagement activities wherever they travel.

We have been supporting artists and audiences around Australia for the past 15 years by extending the life of great independent theatre, and our work has never been more important than now.

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“[T]he best part for me was leaving the venue to walk back to my car and seeing a group of high school students standing on the corner talking about the show and what they had just seen.” Tracey Simond for King of Pigs Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre

Why independent theatre?

It is independent artists who are most responsive to change. They are nimble, constantly adapting to a shifting landscape as they create work that explores our humanity, our purpose, and our shared histories and futures. As we face a rapidly changing world, it is our responsibility to protect and champion this crucial voice. CST are doing this by:

  • Employing Australian artists. Touring extends the economic lifespan of theatre, enabling outstanding and original independent artistic voices to continue to realise their artistic visions for us.
  • Fostering connection and collaboration through regular industry initiatives that bring independent artists together to share vital conversations, knowledge and resources.
  • Empowering independent artists to reach new audiences and connect directly with those who need their work most.

Ensuring a strong and vibrant independent theatre culture is what allows us to connect people with the most urgent and original Australian stories.

Why is this important?

Great theatre allows us to gather as communities to see ourselves reflected onstage – what we value, what we risk, what we can achieve or disrupt or change. It celebrates our similarities and our differences, allowing us to locate ourselves whilst connecting with others. Every individual has the right to experience this, regardless of where they live. We are guaranteeing this access by:

  • Overcoming barriers of geographic isolation, targeting smaller regional and remote communities with subsidised support so Australians everywhere can connect to the arts.
  • Addressing the lack of high-quality training for the performing arts in many areas of the country by ensuring educational opportunities are central to our touring activities.
  • Embedding our artists in communities for longer so they can build richer and deeper connections, supporting engagement opportunities with audiences young and old as well as the flourishing of local artistic communities, and genuinely engaging diverse and marginalised communities as audiences.

This is a time of great change, and connecting individuals through transformative artistic experiences has never been more important. We need your support to guarantee access to the best independent theatre, for our artists and our audiences.

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Critical Stages Touring would like to thank all our generous supporters! Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners.

We are currently supported by the following Government arts funding bodies:

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