Writer and Performer Sam Wang

Director Aileen Huynh

Lighting Designer Kelsey Lee

Composer Tauese Tofa

Tour/Production Manager D. Andrew Potvin

Technical Operator Janis Cheng

Subtitle Operator Lap Nguyen

It's Chinese Top Gun meets 007 with a bangin' J-Pop soundtrack!

It’s 1993. China launches Operation Skyduck. Captain Yan and Agent Chang are sent to steal America’s most prized flight simulation software when they find themselves trapped by hotshot NSA agent Commander Kendrick. His plan? To destroy China’s military ambition once and for all… by infiltrating their dreams! Oh, and the Australians are in there too, slightly distracted by preparations for the Sydney Olympics.

Skyduck is a hilariously irreverent bilingual solo work written and performed by Sam Wang. Supported by subtitles, Sam moves between Mandarin and English as he plays seven hilarious characters from a lovestruck Chinese secret agent, to a dazzling J-Pop starlet, and a foulmouthed Australian aeronautic choreographer.

Featuring an outrageous mix of AV and props, puppets and musical numbers this hilarious take on the spy genre recreates an international action comedy live on stage, utilising every DIY theatre trick in the books.

Blending lo-fi with high-tech and projection, puppets, musical numbers, and handmade gadgets, Skyduck deploys all the charm of rough theatre alongside a truly impressive use of technology.

Prepare for lift-off.

Available to Tour



 Comedy, Action


Suitable for 13+


70 minutes
No interval


Contains occasional strong language, strobe lighting and haze.

Venue Format

Theatre (Proscenium), Civic/Cultural Centre, Black Box, Studio, Thrust, Town Hall

Touring Party


Previous Season

Belvoir 25A, Sydney (2019)
Auckland Arts Festival (2023)
Circa Theatre, Wellington (2023)
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta (2023)

What people are saying

“Skyduck is the funniest of contemporary Australian comedies, showcasing exceptional emerging talent. Sam Wang’s instincts are accurately yet unpredictably curated. He seems to know better than ourselves what it is that makes us laugh, and it is in his jovial prowess that we luxuriate.” Suzy Goes See

“★★★★.5  “a hilarious and nostalgic thrill ride through time and pop culture.” Arts Hub

“★★★★.5  “A multimedia marvel… [Seven] characters, three cultures, two languages, one great show.” State of the Arts

“Delightfully funny! Sam Wang’s immersive homemade espionage action thriller is a pleasure to behold… I can guarantee you won’t have seen anything quite like it.” Audrey Journal

Key Audiences

  • Fans of contemporary Australian comedy
  • Audiences who enjoy action-packed spy thrillers
  • People interested in cross-cultural and bilingual comedy
  • Fans of 90s pop culture, video games, and manga
  • Fans of physical comedy with a multimedia twist
  • Mandarin and bilingual audiences
  • People looking for a light-hearted, fast-paced, and entertaining new experience

Selling Points

Genre Fusion: Combining elements of spy thriller, comedy, and martial arts, offering a multi-genre experience that appeals to a wide range of audience preferences.

Cross-Cultural Humor: Blending Australian and Chinese humor, creating a culturally rich and diverse comedic narrative that can resonate with a broad audience.

Nostalgic Throwback: Set in the 1990s, the play taps into cool nostalgia bridging generations.

Bilingual Experience: Providing a unique language experience by incorporating both English and Mandarin, catering to bilingual or language-curious attendees.

Physical Comedy: Utilizing visual and physical gags to enhance humor and create a visually engaging performance.

Spy Parody: Parodying the espionage genre, offers a lighthearted take on spy tropes and convention.

Cultural References: Including references that bridge the cultural gap, allowing audiences to appreciate and enjoy cultural nuances they might not be familiar with.

Awards & Accolades

Sydney Theatre Awards 2019 (Nominated)
Best Male Actor in a Leading Role for an Independent Production

Time Out Sydney 
Best on Stage (2019)

About Sam Wang

Sam was born in Wuhan, China before moving to Australia at the age of six. He studied filmmaking and law at the University of Technology, Sydney before training as an actor at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School.

In Wellington, he has previously appeared on stage in The Mooncake & The Kumara (Oryza and Betsy & Mana) and Down Beneath Below (Java Dance Company).

In 2023, Sam will star in HomeBound 3.0, an 8-part comedy he wrote and created for TV3 produced by Kevin & Co. He has also appeared in Life is Easy (TVNZ+), Runaway Millionaires (TVNZ) and New Gold Mountain (SBS) for which he was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2022.

Sam practiced law for several years and holds a Master of Commerce (Finance) from the University of
New South Wales.

About Aileen Hunyh

Aileen is a director, content creator and actor. She is a graduate from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), and also holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Performance
from The University of Wollongong.

In 2019, she made her theatrical directorial debut with Skyduck: A Chinese Spy Comedy which received two honourable mentions for “Best of 2019 on stage in Sydney” in Timeout and Audrey Journal. As a content creator, Aileen has worked independently on comedy skit videos and was nominated for the 2014 Australian Online Video Award. Her current content work is on YouTube under her alter ego Mad Doctor.

Aileen made her acting debut in SBS’ critically acclaimed mini-series Better Man opposite Bryan
Brown and David Wenham. Her other screen credits include Neighbours, Black Comedy 3, The
Commons, Spin Out and series 1&2 of ABC’s Cleverman.

She is also a regular in Australian theatres. Recent credits include David Williamson’s The Big Time at Ensemble Theatre, Branden Jacob-Jenkins’ Glora at Melbourne Theatre Company and Flight Paths for National Theatre of Parramatta. She has performed in national tours of Critical Stages’ 4000 Miles and Performing Lines’ Hello Goodbye & Happy Birthday, which received a Helpmann nomination.