A Salvador Dinosaur and Critical Stages Touring Production


Written by Otto and Astrid Rot
Directed by Neill Gladwin
Lighting Design: TBC

Utterly dysfunctional siblings (and total rock gods) Otto & Astrid are back!

Otto & Astrid had fought for several years about the creative direction of their highly anticipated 5th album. Otto is a bleeding-heart do-gooder, deep into cancel culture, but often his efforts are more talk than action. Astrid may be a feminist, but she is also a nihilist, a hedonist and a libertarian. She uses lies and fake news to get what she wants.

Following some considerable discussion (and door slamming), they had agreed to tour their new solo albums separately, but after months of searching for their own session musicians, it appeared that (literally) nobody else would agree to play with them. Ultimately, they were left with no other choice but to accompany each other on this Joint Solo Project.

Otto sees the solo projects as an ‘artistic vacation’ and the start of the band getting back together. What he doesn’t know is that Astrid sees it as the start of her solo career without him.

An Otto & Astrid gig is a wild rock ‘n’ roll cabaret ride, full of hilarious, truly catchy and award-winning songs, constantly interrupted by the squabbling of the dysfunctional siblings. One of the most irreverent and funny gigs you are ever likely to see.

Available to Tour



Cabaret, Comedy, Live Music


Suitable for 13+ due to language warning and adult themes.


60 minutes

Venue Formats

Proscenium arch, black box, thrust, outdoor stage, town hall

Minimum Stage

8m x 6m

Previous Seasons

This will be the show’s premiere season. For their full touring history, visit www.ottoandastrid.com

Presenter Guide & Technical Specs

2023 Performance Dates

Otto & Astrid Play the Greatest Rock Concert You’ve Ever Seen

31 March – Wānaka Festival of Colour


Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

18 March – Yan Yean Theatre Whittlesea

11 – 23 April – Malthouse Theatre (MICF)

28 April – Monaro Performing Arts Centre, Cooma

29 April – Bega (BVCCC)

16 November – The Cube, Frankston

18 November – Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool

22 November – Potato Shed, Geelong

24 November – Portland Arts Centre

What people are saying

★★★★★ “Otto and Astrid are a triple threat: consummate musicians, comics and actors… together they are phenomenal.” Arts hub

★★★★1/2 “They are masters of their craft; the skill of execution and the hilarious comedic elements from many levels makes this production a must-see bucket list show.” – Theatre Matters

“These guys are a match made in heaven or maybe hell. Their show formula works, often hilarious and always entertaining to an audience who loves them dearly.”– Stage Whispers

“A hilarious blast of punk rock cabaret from the self-proclaimed ‘Berlin’s Prince and Princess of art rock and Europop.’ Their timing so critical to great comedy, is spot-on and their antics bring to mind the comedic genius of the silent film era…if you ever do get the opportunity see this show…grab it with both hands.” – Melbourne Observer

“Given the crowd’s participation during their 60-minute Melbourne International Comedy Festival show and the applause at the end, the duo’s new offering is sure to be as popular as their previous shows.” Travels with JB

More About the Show

Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project is a hilariously cutting satire of cultural polarisation being played out around the world. Using their on-stage sibling dynamic the work will be part theatre, part rock concert, performed by two contemporary clowns playing live instruments in a dysfunctional rock band. An irreverent exposé of current tensions, two award-winning satirists shine a light on these dynamics with expert slaptsick choreography, pathos, and sensitivity.

Working for the first time with Neill Gladwin (Los Trio Ringbarkus, Lano & Woodley), and inspired by artists such as Catherine Tate, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Armondo Lannuci, performers Clare and Daniel will deploy the unique capacity of the clown for satire. No knife cuts as sharply as laughter and these characters acutely parody the ‘woke’ and ‘fake’ poles of the current, absurd, global discourse.

Audience Notes

  • Lovers of rock music – their shows consistently have audiences from kids to 70+
  • Lovers of comedy/cabaret – especially fans of character-based comedy, physical comedy, sketch, improv, musical comedy, and rock musicals.
  • While particularly suited to younger audiences 15 – 35, Otto and Astrid are also suited to older music-loving and arts loving-comedy, and entertainment seekers of all ages.
  • Especially aligned with those who loved films like This is Spinal Tap or New Zealand’s Flight of the Concords.
  • Great to market as a friends’ night out, or a brilliant date night!
  • Suitable for teens to go with their parents to and have a fun night out together.

For Presenters

  • It’s a colour and movement spectacular!
  • Otto &Astrid’s Joint Solo Project stars two multi-award-winning character comedians at the top of their game, pretending to put on a rock concert. The show is packed with ridiculously irreverent original songs, expertly executed physical slapstick comedy, and gloriously quirky choreography.
  • The shows are extraordinarily fun – as the show is both concert & theatre it’s a great chance to market to both music and theatre fans.
  • Otto & Astrid interview in character and the characters have extensive online lives of their own. They produced a web series with videos achieving between 4,000 and 190,000 views. The webseries can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLmj924tDSq4ZM9vCg-aix4nNMxe67G5N Otto & Astrid have a good online following and will be very active across multiple social channels.
  • Small touring party that can easily fill a big stage and auditorium, outdoor stage or an intimate cabaret venue.
  • Strong track record delivering regional tours.

Who Are Otto & Astrid? 

Otto & Astrid are Berlin’s prince and princess of art rock and Europop.

The brother and sister electro-pop/punk rockers are the self-proclaimed “Best Band in the World”. This dysfunctional, squabbling, co-dependent pair, travel the world with their music; Otto’s naivety bumping up against Astrid’s selfishness and cunning.

Orphaned as kids when Astrid was 12 and Otto was 9, the duo found shelter in a Berlin squat and never rockin’ well looked back. At their insistently MEGA concerts, their personalities take a backseat for a moment, to a thumping, leaping, buzzing assault of post-pop-punk RAWK.

Awards for Previous Productions

WINNER Melbourne Green Room Awards for Best Cabaret Production 2008 & 2015
WINNER Most Outstanding Show London Fringe 2015
WINNER Most Outstanding Show Ottawa Fringe 2008
WINNER Best in Festival Winnipeg Fringe 2008/2010
WINNER Best Comedy Montreal & Victoria Fringe 2010
NOMINATED Green Room Awards, Best Original Songs/Best Ensemble 2010 & 2014
NOMINATED TO&ST (Time Out/Soho Theatre) Best Cabaret Edinburgh Fringe 2013
NOMINATED Total Theatre – Best CabaretEdinburgh Fringe Festival 2009