VIMH production

Writer/Director – Olivia Satchell

Cast – Emily Tomlins & Belinda McClory

Dramaturg – Emma Valente

Sound Designer – Tom Backhaus

Lighting Designer – Jason Crick

Set & Costume Designer – James Lew

Assistant Director – Fiona Spitzkowsky

Stage Manager/Operator – Julian Dibley-Hall

Producer – Anna Kennedy

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Riveting contemporary drama

A gripping new Australian drama about the deep bonds of sisterhood and making peace with the past.

Tilly and Egg have been waiting for their mother to find them. They haven’t seen her since she disappeared during a game of hide-and-seek when they were kids.

They’re middle-aged when Tilly receives two letters from her. She’s dead. Egg’s in prison, and Tilly needs special permission to visit and let her know.

Tilly was supposed to keep Egg close but it’s only the spectre of their mother that now brings them back together.

my sister feather is the second play in a trilogy of works by Olivia Satchell about grief, memory and the female body. It premiered at La Mama in June 2018 with a critically acclaimed season, with live music composed & performed by Tom Backhaus.

Available to Tour



Theatre, Drama


Suitable for audiences 15 and over. Occasional coarse language and adult themes.


80 minutes

Minimum Stage


Previous Seasons

Courthouse Theatre, La Mama 2018 (12 performances)

Technical Specifications

What people are saying


“Poignant and affecting, this is a beautiful work speaking to our longing to be connected, as well as a thorough portrayal of the effect of childhood trauma…. Both actors are stunning, these are affecting and intensely vulnerable performances. Tomlins carries frustration and rage in her body while McClory moves with the brittleness made up of layers of control, of denial. 4 stars.” Arts Hub

“4 stars. One of Melbourne’s most exciting new theatrical talents tells a story of women, prison and reconciling the past… ” Time Out.

Key Audience

  • As a story about sisters and their inseparable bonds, as well as the challenges of motherhood & life growing up without a mother – this production is particularly suited to women aged 18-65+.
  • It will also appeal to drama lovers, who will enjoy a riveting masterclass in performance from two of Victoria’s finest actors.
  • It is an intimate and compelling work for those who like their drama up close and personal.
  • The themes will resonate especially with those who enjoy stories of strong women, and families.

Selling Points

  • Gripping, affecting, moving production.
  • Outstanding reviews
  • Masterclass in acting from two of Victoria’s leading and highly acclaimed performers, Belinda McClory & Emily Tomlins.
  • The company has a strong connection with Victorian Women’s Trust formed during the original season ($5 for each ticket was donated to the Trust on a special fundraising evening) providing marketing opportunities for future touring.
  • Potential for presenters to connect with local womens’ group.
  • Both cast members & writer/director are highly committed to giving the work a future life through touring and will be available for press.

Community Engagement

We would be very open to further conversations about potential community engagement activities and how we can engage especially with young women, women at risk and youth at risk in your area during the tour, pre & or post-performance.

Q & A’s post show on issues raised by the performance will be valuable opportunities especially providing an occasion to invite representative from local women’s groups to speak / participate / attend.

The cast will also be available for free workshops and masterclasses throughout the tour.