Red Stitch & Critical Stages productions
Bridget Balodis
Assistant Director Olivia Monticciolo
Dramaturg Gary Abrahams
Romanie Harper
Lighting Designer Amelia Lever-Davidson
Composer & Sound Designer
Ian Moorhead
Caroline Lee, Olga Makeeva, Joe Petruzzi, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Devon Lang Wilton, Edward Orton

Inspirational, inter-generational drama

Jurassica is a story about family, growing old and spending your life searching for home. This is a wonderfully original multi-generational migrant story told with humour and pathos in English and Italian. This critically acclaimed production was the winner of the 2015 Green Room Award for Best New Australian Writing.

Ralph and Sara migrated from Tuscany in the 1950s to their concrete-front-yard house in suburban Moorabbin. Their son, Ichlis, never really forgave them for his misunderstood name, and grandson Luca is struggling to talk to his father or grandfather. Until one night Ralph is rushed to hospital and, through an unlikely connection with Kaja, an interpreter who herself fled wartorn Belgrade, Luca learns to reconnect.

Dan Giovannoni’s magical new play, Jurassica, weaves the past and present together, exploring what it is to migrate, to be displaced and to spend the rest of your life searching for home. Most of all, this is a play about the importance of family and about mending fences before you grow too old.

Available to Tour



Theatre, Drama


Suitable for audiences 14 and over


120 minutes

Minimum Stage

6m wide x 4m depth x 5m height

Technical Specifications

Selling Points

  • Resonates strongly with GP audience, subscribers and single ticket holders
  • Warm multi-generational family story appeals to broad age demographic, older theatre-going audiences as well as young adults
  • Particular interestfor communities with strong migrant backgrounds, particularly Italian. Also appeals to audiences from a diverse range of backgrounds with a connection to the migrant experience.
  • Yr 11 & 12 secondary students and Tertiary students – strong interest from students 15+ in original season. Education Kit will be developed to accompany the production.

What people are saying

If you have quite a close affiliation with the Italian culture, you are Italian, or even if you’re not, this show is an absolute must-see. It will leave you feeling warm inside and reflect on what truly matters in life. Theatre Review

Jurassica has been patiently crafted, like Nonna’s perfect slow-cooked pork. The Age

Impressive cast in this family saga. Theatre Press


Jurassica reflects on themes of love, loss, identity and migration. Since 1788 Australia has seen millions of settlers move from their countries to begin a new life on these shores. The reason for their migration is always different, from fleeing war, to building a better life financially. Below are a collection of resources that tap into some of the themes of Jurassica, in particular, migration.

Jurassica Education Kit
A Q&A with the performers is available to school groups attending the production.

Playwright Dan Giovannoni Talks About Jurassica – Frankston Arts Centre

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As part of the Jurassica tour, Critical Stages has curated a touring exhibition titled Moving Stories, with stories and images of migration from regions local to the tour.