Siren Theatre Company and Critical Stages Touring

Written by: Noëlle Janaczewska
 Kate Gaul
Performed by: Jane Phegan
Composer: Nate Edmondson
Designer: Camille Ostrowsky


A beautiful new solo performance production from the same team that produced the hit show Good With Maps

Siren Theatre Co in partnership with Critical Stages Touring is developing Noëlle Janaczewska’s The End of Winter.

What’s happening to winter? In hot, bushfire-prone Australia our winters are becoming warmer and shorter. Will climate change eventually erase the season, leaving it to exist only in paintings, fairytales and historical accounts? The End of Winter is about loss and resilience. It’s about the places the writer goes in search of the cold weather she loves—places she can reach via public transport and the imagination.

Available to Tour



Drama, Solo Performance




90 minutes, no interval

Venue Format

Theatre, Civic/Cultural Centre, Black Box, Town Hall