This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the amazing creative minds behind the works that Critical Stages Touring is taking across Australia in 2020.

From heartbreaking drama and powerful verbatim theatre, to inspiring children’s programs and show-stopping cabaret, 88% of the work on our stage this year has been written or co-written by women. It is their words and experiences that have helped shape what you will see, and we couldn’t be prouder to be taking their voices to communities across Australia and beyond.

So this year, we celebrate International Women’s Day by celebrating these inspiring women, and we hope to see you in the audience of one of their works this year! (pictured L-R above)

Jane Bodie – Lamb (Red Stitch Actos’ Theatre)

Michaela Burger – A Migrant’s Son

Lauren Clelland – I Want to Know What Love Is (The Good Room)

Caroline Dunphy – I Want to Know What Love Is (The Good Room)

Christy Flaws – Fort (Asking for Trouble)

Amy Ingram – I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You and I Want to Know What Love Is (The Good Room)

Katherine Lyall-Watson – Rovers (Belloo Creative)

Joanna Murray-Smith – American Song (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre)

To all of these women, and the countless more creating places for us to understand our world and our place in it, we say ‘thank you’.