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ACTIVATED ARTSa stylised letter 'a' sits on a black background. Below it reads 'activated arts'

Presented by Anthea Williams, Activated Arts is a 30-minute program that explores and showcases the extraordinary talent and distinctive work of professional arts practitioners with disability and/or who are Deaf. The show goes out live on Sydney’s Radio 2RPH  twice monthly, and podcasted on the first Friday of every month.

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A black square with pink hand-drawn asterisk style stars and text reading "adelaide fringe podcast"ADELAIDE FRINGE

Go behind the scenes of one of the world’s largest fringe festivals and hear from the staff, ambassadors and artists that make it happen. Broadcast weekly during the festival it’s the first place to hear about what’s hot, what shows have audiences talking, and who’s winning the weekly Fringe Awards.

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Alive Tonight has it’s finger on the pulse of performing arts creatives breathing night life into the coolest little capital in the world: Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington NZ. Alive Tonight is a podcast dedicated to understanding what it means to be an artist in Wellington, looking specifically at craft and how to survive as a professional maker both pre- and post-COVID.
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White square with purple/blue paint superimposed with text reading Art Smitten.ART SMITTEN

Art Smitten is SYN Radio’s biweekly guide to arts, culture and entertainment in Australia and around the world. With a focus on youth and emerging arts, they showcase culture ahead of the curve. Whether it’s theatre, film, fashion, photography or Fauvism you’re into, Art Smitten is the place!
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A square icon with the ArtsHub logo featured in the top right, and the title "The Arts Hubbub" above a rainbow designARTS HUBBUB

ArtsHub is Australia’s leading arts and culture industry website, and their monthly podcast takes a look inside what’s happening with arts makers and leaders across Australia, and what’s really getting artists excited. Each episode unpacks the ideas of artists and hears what’s shaping their practice.
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The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts—or Asia TOPA—settled into MPavilion for an action-packed month-long residency in 2020. As part of the residency they recorded two MPavilion takeovers featuring a round table of artists, cultural professionals and producers at the forefront of the Asian-Australian narrative.
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A logo made of interlinked oval shapes sits above the text reading 'Vision Australia Radio'BEHIND THE SCENES

Hosted by Chris Thompson, the official podcast of Theatre Network Australia invites leading performing arts makers from around the country to chat about current affairs and trends in the Aussie industry, explore their work and creative practices, and fill us in on what we need to know right now.
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A red square with the Bell Shakespeare logo centred in the image.BELL SHAKESPEARE

Speak The Speech celebrates Shakespeare’s greatest speeches with Australia’s best-known actors. Ieach episode Associate Director James Evans is joined by an actor from the Bell stage to dissect some of the most powerful language Shakespeare ever wrote and investigate how these beautiful words and ideas are brought to life on stage more than 400 years later. New episodes released fortnightly on Tuesdays.
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Text reading 'Chats w creatives' sits above the cartoon portrait of a woman with pink hair and pink sunglasses on. CHATS WITH CREATIVES

Chats with Creatives, hosted by Bronte Charlotte, invites artists to chat about living as creative humans in a capitalist society, the experiences we have and insecurities we hold, a place where we have open and inclusive conversations to learn, understand, educate and connect.
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A plain black square. Over it the words Capel off Chapel are written in small caps in white.CHECK IN WITH CHAPEL

No need to venture out to get intimate with the artists from Melbourne’s iconic theatre venue. Produced during iso in 2020 the series includes interviews with Sara Ward, Craig Hill, Thando and Christie Whelan Browne to name a few.

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Take a deep dive with Tomas Parrish into the people behind the magic at Citizen Theatre, with guests ranging from performers, designers, stage managers, and more. Unearth the beauty that lies behind all aspects of Citizen Theatre and its artists, and what moves them.
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A woman rests her chin on the back of her hand. She has a comical expression and big curly hair. The word 'coronavlog' is written over her at the base of the imageCORONAVLOG

Fictional star Jan van de Stool, Dutch/Australian Musical Therapist, is no stranger to fame. But she has always ‘kept it real’ by presenting self-help workshops at her local Munudji Scout Hall in Woy Woy, where, over the years, she has helped, literally, tens of people. Now, she’s here to help us through 2020 with a video podcast we never knew we never needed.


Black square with text reading 'every musical ever'.EVERY MUSICAL EVER