Independent artists are the lifeblood of Australia’s theatre sector. They are the source of our most innovative and exciting new work, they stimulate our entire industry, provoke and often challenge our audiences, push the boundaries of what is possible and inspire us all.

Independent artists create work for venues, festivals and communities large and small right around Australia, and often their work tours to every corner of the country and right around the globe.

The independent sector in Australia is nimble and quick to adapt and this flexibility is often what makes these artists so attractive as collaborators. But we are testing the resilience of the sector right now. During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all employment opportunities have been decimated for independent artists and the overwhelming majority of these artists are falling between the gaps of the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments offered by the federal government.

For Critical Stages Touring to continue we need the dynamic Australian independent arts sector to survive, and to thrive once again.

This is why today we are asking for your help.

Theatre Network Australia, along with Creative Partnerships Australia, have set up this campaign to help provide Crisis Cash to Independent Artists. If you are in a position to make a tax-deductible donation today, please help. 100% of donations raised will go to artists.

Thank You.