From Sydney, NSW


by Joshua Lobb and The Company

Presented by the State of Play

 Previous Season: A Sharp/Belvoir hit production that played 19 performances
 Duration: 65 minutes
 Suits: Medium sized and studio theatres
 Minimum Stage: Flexible
 Touring:  2007, 2008

“...delighted our audiences of teenagers, parents and grandparents. The production teases the imagination with colourful tales of princesses, nightingales and mermaids, whilst plunging our hearts into the cold shadows that lurk beneath every familiar story.”
Lyn Wallis B Sharp/Belvoir Director

This beautiful and unique production takes you into the extraordinary imagination of Oscar Wilde with a dynamic interpretation of his collection of short tales, - wherein a cold - hearted princess steals your heart, tantalising mermaids tempt your soul away, and rowdy witches drag you into the frenzy of the dance.

The stories are for everybody and as Wilde himself suggested “... for those who have kept the childlike faculties of wonder and joy…”

Prepare yourself for a magical and wonder filled theatre experience that combines Wilde’s renowned wit with gorgeous music, creative and colourful design and unique staging. Wilde Tales is both humorous and moving and filled with Oscar Wilde’s insights into life and love.

Featuring a dynamic and highly talented ensemble directed by Julian Louis ; including Julia Davis, Chris Baker, Sean Lynch, Johnny Nasser  and Gwyneth Price .
Writer and Dramaturge Joshua Lobb
Director Julian Louis
Set Designer  Tobhiyah Stone Feller
Costume Designer Jo Briscoe
Sound Designer Carl Polke
Lighting Designer  Verity Hampson  
Movement Director Kirk Page
Songs by Julia Davis
Original Producer Mel Rogan , Originally co-produced by State of Play and B Sharp

“A collective celebration of the intangible and a theatrical delight...”   
Sydney Morning Herald.

“Vividly physical storytelling... bold and imaginative” - Sun Herald.

Founded in 2000 by Julian Louis, Jessica Machin and the late Nick Enright, State of Play is a unique company with its strong commitment to sustained performer collaboration in order to create vibrant and accessible work. State of Play featured in the 2003 Sydney Festival with its original and highly successful production Five Stories High ; " theatre at its romping hollering, poignant best "
The Daily Telegraph.




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