The Uncertainty Principle & Critical Stages productions
Emma Jackson, Lex Marinos, Georgina Symes
Anthony Skuse
Producers Kate Armstrong Smith, Laurence Rosier Staines

Emma Vine
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Sound Designer Benjamin Freeman

Entertaining Australian drama with an outstanding cast

At Sunset Strip the only people left are those who couldn’t leave. Arriving home after a bout of chemotherapy to this once thriving summer hot-spot, Caroline finds the lake completely dried up, the holiday-makers long gone.

Yet her younger sister, the ever-optimistic Phoebe, remains doggedly hopeful. Between a stint in rehab, caring for her father (Lex Marinos) whose dementia is only alleviated by training his goldfish, and losing her kids temporarily to DOCS, Phoebe has managed to find love in Teddy, a local fallen fella with a big heart. And now that Caroline is back, Phoebe is determined to make life fabulous.

Suzie Miller (Caress/Ache) examines all manners of love, family dysfunction and making the best of shitty situations and prosthetic breasts. Directed by Anthony Skuse, Sunset Strip finds the humour in tragedy and creates an unlikely path for humanity to triumph.

What people are saying

Miller dangles the prospect of happiness like a lure on a fishing line. We can’t help but lunge at it when confronted with characters as warmly realised as these.” Sydney Morning Herald, Jason Blake

“The relationship between the sisters is exquisitely wrought by Suzie Miller and equally finely calibrated by director Anthony Skuse”

Diana Simmonds Stagenoise 

In her latest work, multi-award winning playwright, Suzie Miller, delivers an emotionally riveting tale that will sit close to the hearts of many….. [with] dialogue that slowly reveals the characters’ deepest, darkest secrets”

The AU Arts Review

“The opening night audience hung on every new turn as the plot lurched to the left and the right. Go see it.”

Stage Whispers

What people are saying

Suzie Miller’s new work SUNSET STRIP is a wonderful new Australian play that is presented with a recognisable truth and honesty. Finding hope in darkness, questioning whether habits can be changed and the importance of love and family is examined with a humour in amongst the hurt with a perfect balance that gives hope without sugar coating reality.

Broadway World

Miller’s detailing of that delicate balance, between joy and pain in how they love, is full of tenderness, subtle but powerful. Their interchanges are nuanced, splendidly complex, and always with a gentle, familiar ring that will remind us of our own homes. When families talk, it is what we say between the lines that matter most, and Sunset Strip‘s sensitive explication of those dynamics is what makes it feel like every person’s story.”


Selling Points

  • Tackles key health issues of breast cancer and dementia, wrapped in an accessible, warm and uplifting domestic drama
  • New work by award-winning and acclaimed Australian playwright Suzie Miller
  • Critically acclaimed performance by Australian icon Lex Marinos.