A Red Stitch Theatre & Critical Stages Production


Written by Jane Bodie
Director Julian Meyrick
Composer Mark Seymour,
Dramaturg Ella Caldwell

A play about family, the land and being the one who stays. With original music by Mark Seymour.

Written by multi-award winning playwright Jane Bodie, LAMB is a touchingly beautiful play with songs featuring original music by Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors). LAMB follows two generations of family, set on an Australian sheep farm.

A bittersweet story of Annie, Kathleen and Patrick, three siblings born onto their parents’ property, LAMB explores the lies and secrets kept, loves lost and opportunities missed. Told with subtlety and humour, LAMB spans 40 years, telling an intimate story of one family and rural life. Mark Seymour’s exquisite original songs feature as part of the story throughout the production.

What people are saying

“Bodie’s writing is both funny and stunningly lyrical…honest human and true.” – Irish Times

“[Seymour is] one of the country’s finest vernacular songwriters … The songs grow on you like a landscape, from the back of a flatbed, sun on your skin and the sky vast above you.” – Daily Review

“Award-winning director Corey McMahon excels in this standout production” InDaily

Key Audience

-Themes of family, sacrifice, and life on the land resonate with a broad age range as well as having particular appeal for audiences in rural areas
-Composer Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors) is an Australian icon and provides a recognisable reference point to mitigate risk for less frequent theatre goers
-Broad demographic appeal. Young female character, along with music component, appeals to a younger theatre-going demographic
-Yr 11 & 12 Tertiary students – appropriate for this demographic. Will be pitched for VCAA schools list.

Selling Points

  • -New original music specific to the show by iconic Australian musician, Mark Seymour.
    -Written by highly acclaimed and award-winning playwright, Jane Bodie.
    -Good press quotes available as reference from previous work
    -Previous acclaimed Red Stitch tours (Jurassica, The Kitchen Sink, Stop.Rewind, Red Sky Morning) support trust in the material and brand recognition
    -This is a local Australian story addressing universal themes. It is accessible and directly relevant to regional audiences