From Brisbane, QLD


by Fiona Sprott

A Jo & Jo Production

 Previous Season: 2009 Judith Wright Cntre of Performing Arts, Brisbane.
2010 Darlinghurst Theatre Co, Sydney.
2010 Adelaide Fringe Festival.
 Genre:  Comedy/Caberet
 Duration:  70 minutes
 Suits:  Proscenium Arch, Black Box
 Minimum Stage:  8m x 3m x 4m
 Touring:  2010 - 2011

From Critical Stages and Jo Thomas, Often I Find That I Am Naked by Fiona Sprott is a rich, wickedly funny piece of cabaret-theatre. It takes a comic and brutal look at single life for an Australian woman, reflecting stories from popular culture and wedged within the romantic comedy genre of hits such as Sex and the City and Bridget Jones Diary.

Speed dating, Facebook, text sex, RSVP, a private detective, STD clinics, rehab… so many tools available for the modern single woman looking to meet Mr Right! The problem is just how many Mr Wrongs make a Right?

“ A polished black comedy. Thomas portrays her character fantastically… while Clark gives a great performance… plenty of (strictly adult) humour and some great ‘theme music’… a slick, well rehearsed offering. 4 stars . ”, Adelaide, March 2010

“It works…due to impeccable delivery and undeniable humour. Thomas looks comfortable in the twisted realm of Jezebel’s sense of humour. She struts across the stage… The set is beautifully designed and creates a sensual atmosphere… Tom Raymond’s musical accompaniment provides an artist interpretation of some well-known songs. His contribution is essential. Sam Clark does a phenomenal job as Jezebel’s many ‘hims’...(and) never has a man played a better dog .” Scene Magazine, August 2009

Performed by Sam Clark and Jo Thomas

with live music by James Dobinson

Director Shane Anthony
Designer Josh McIntosh
Lighting Designer Andrew Meadows




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