Desire & Other Secret Weapons

 Previous Season: Brisbane Festival 2016
 Genre: Contemporary drama
 Duration: 75 minutes
 Suits: Thrust, Proscenium Arch
 Minimum Stage: TBA
 Touring: 2017-2018

Director & Co-creator Caroline Dunphy
Writer & Co-creator Katherine Lyall-Watson
Dramaturg Kathryn Kelly
Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright
Sound Designer & Composer Dane Alexander
Set Designer Jonathan Shankey
Animation John Grist
Illustrator Tiffany Atkin
Artwork Brydie Cossar
Cast Noriaki Okubo, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Masako Mizusawa, Caroline Dunphy, and Zachary Boulton.

Come on an electric, cross-cultural journey with the award-winning theatre-makers behind Motherland.

Belloo Creative's newest work HANAKO is a hyper-realistic fantasy of a girls precarious journey from a tradiitonal Japanese Noh play into an east-west inspired future world as she attempts to escape the control of warring adults from the past and the present.

Inspired by one of Japan's most famous authors, Yukio Mishima, HANAKO is an explosion of physical performance and a dynamic mash-up of form that moves seamlessly between English and Japanese.

With an extraordinary international cast, icnluding acclaimed Suzuki performer Noriaki Okubo (Hamlet, Macbeth), Kimie Tsukakoshi (Family Law, Secret City) and Caroline Dunphy (I Want To Know What Love Is, Motherland), HANAKO is an intoxicating collision of cultures, music, fashion and anime.

Review excerpts

"[Hanako] represents all that is wonderful about festival works and the rich diversity of theatrical conversation that they generate. This is a show for the curious and creative alike. Like Belloo's previous, acclaimed Motherland it sits comfortably in its text, but never forgets the honour of the truth behind mythology" Blue Curtains Brisbane, Meredith Walker

"The Belloo team have created an action packed, fast paced mash-up of rap, martial arts, fashion and mayhem" Aussie Theatre, Sonny Clarke

"A thought provoking evening that manages to remain light and fun...leaving you feeling uplifted when it ends. Ancient Japan intertwines with historical France and current day Brisbane to acknowledge that this tory, though fictional and only part based on truth, is a very real and current issue faced by many young women today." Weekend Notes, Vee Cawood





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