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L'Amante Anglaise

or The Lovers of Viorne

by Marguerite Duras

A Matriark & Critical Stages Production


Previous Season: La Mama, Fortyfivedownstairs (plus return seasons at both venues).
Genre:  Adult Drama
Duration:  100 minutes
Suits:  Black Box Studio, Thrust, Flat Floor Hall, Endstage
Minimum Stage: TBA
Touring:  2017 - 2018
Upcoming Shows: MELBOURNE: 7-19 February 2017, fortyfivedownstairs
Return season due to popular demand

Writer: Marguerite Duras

Director: Laurence Strangio

Performers: Rob Meldrum, Jillian Murray


"L’Amante Anglaise is brilliant theatre, pure and simple. Don’t miss it." The Age

A brutal murder is committed in a small town in France. Witness this modern classic psycholigical thriller that takes you right inside the heart and mind of the perpretator. Based on a fascinating true crime that took place in 1949.

Pierre (Rob Meldrum) and Claire Lannes (Jillian Murray) are ordinary human beings leading everyday lives until a gruesome catastrophe occurs. In simple conversation, they effortlessly reveal the beauty and brutality of their inner selves, and create a painstaking portrait of lost passion.

It is a rare distinction for any production to have three consecutive seasons, but L’amante anglaise proved so popular that its first two seasons at La Mama sold out. After its first season at 45Downstairs sold out in 2016, it will see a return season there in February 2017.


"MARGUERITE Duras’ compelling duologue, L’amante anglaise, is both haunting and haunted as it slowly and quietly unravels the grim story of the gruesome and mystifying murder of a deaf-mute by her peculiar, but formerly nonviolent cousin..

Meldrum is contained and compelling as Pierre and his rich, dark, velvety voice is almost hypnotic in both of his roles.

Murray is remarkable and disconcerting as the eccentric, mercurial Claire, depicting her as a woman teetering on the brink of psychosis but hauling herself back to some version of reality in which she is a bewildered, light-voiced and childlike creature...

L’amante anglaise is an engrossing theatrical experience with assured acting and direction. Duras should be delighted." Herald Sun

"L’amante anglaise is a thrilling psychological drama, beautifully served by superb performances. I have rarely been as impressed by performance as I was by this production.” Mary Lou Jelbard, Artistic Director / co-founder, 45 Downstairs

“With L’amante anglaise, Marguerite Duras has created such a perfect example of pure theatre”, says director Laurence Strangio. “No frills, no gimmicks, no special effects, just us, the audience, and two consummate actors in a room exploring a rich and complex text.”

"if you want insight into the human condition, a look into how the inexpressible can still find voice, then look no further than L’amante anglais. Jillian Murray, the 2015 Green Room Award recipient for Best Female Performer in Independent Theatre for this role, and Robert Meldrum are equally superb in this compelling two-hander." The Blurb

"Jillian Murray won a Green Room Award for this performance, and rightly so. Initially rational and lacking remorse, but so mousy as to invite disbelief she could have committed such a grisly crime, Murray’s Claire gradually reveals a woman imprisoned long before the murder: by the weight of nostalgia for a youthful love affair, by her loveless marriage, by the insistent drip of her own thoughts and finally, by the flood of madness." The Age



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