Critical Stages was born from the necessity to find further life for outstanding productions from the independent theatre sector. Critical Stages actively seeks out high quality productions from the hubs of independent theatre across Australia with the aim to develop, produce and manage professional touring opportunities for these productions. We engage with all productions previously generated by artists without the support of a major company infrastructure.

Critical Stages selects the most outstanding productions from across Australia to develop for regional and national touring opportunities and major city transfers.

There is no formal application or submission process. Independent producers and artists are encouraged to discuss their production with Critical Stages in advance of their original seasons.

Productions selected for tour development are evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. Is the production creatively envisioned, well crafted, innovative, and/or original?
  2. Has the production received critical acclaim from the industry and/or press?
  3. Has the production received box office success with a previous season - did an audience want to see it?
  4. What is the practicality of the show for touring/transferring?
  5. What is the level of professionalism of the producing group or company; do they demonstrate high levels of professional work practices?
  6. Does the producing group or company have infrastructure (or has very little); such as administration staff, or marketing etc. and so do they need Critical Stages support?
  7. Is there an audience to which a production may be directed and what is the direct benefit to audiences and presenters?
  8. Will the producing team be a diplomatic and good representative for the independent sector and Critical Stages?
  9. What is the ongoing benefit to the artists and their companies; will their involvement with Critical Stages encourage sustainability and the development of further work?

If you would like to discuss a production for potential touring with Critical Stages please contact:

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