From Sydney, NSW


by Patrick Marber

Presented by Albedo Theatre

 Previous Success:  A Sell-out season for 28 performances setting a box offcie record at the Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre. Best Independent Production 2004, Sun Herald.
 Genre:  Comedy/Drama
 Duration:  110 minutes
 Suits:  Large and Medium size theatres
 Minimum Stage:  7m x 6m x 3m
 Touring:  2008 - 2009

Winner of Writer's Guild Award for Best West End Play and Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy.

Dealers Choice was the winner of the Writers’ Guild Award for Best West End Play and also winner of Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy. Set in a restaurant after closing time, it’s usually the same old guys and their weekly ‘friendly’ poker game, but on this particular night there is a ring-in. There is one last diner guest lurking in the restaurant who volunteers to join the game. Unknown to the amateur poker players, he is a mean, uncompromising professional gambler, owed a large sum of money by the restaurant owner’s compulsive son.

In the build-up to the inevitable poker game, the men’s lives are revealed, resentments are stripped bare and secrets divulged. The final act involving the game, crackles with scalding wit and edge-of-your-seat suspense as the stakes are driven to an almost unbearable knife-edge.

Dealers Choice is much more than just a comedy. It is a compelling and compassionate story about father-son, relationships, men’s bravado and the search for direction and connection.

Well known veteran actor David Webb plays the boss and heads up a brilliant ensemble cast; David Terry as Sweeney, the man who just can’t say no, Ashley Lyons as Frankie the womaniser, Christopher Stollery as Ash, the tough professional poker player, Sam North as the hapless gambling son, and John Leary as Mugsy, the mug!!

“It’s a very good play given a fine direction by Craig Ilott.”   Sydney Morning Herald.

“Craig Ilott’s excellent production of Dealer’s Choice catches not just the play’s humour and macho swagger... but also the fear... Highly recommended.”  Sun Herald.

“ Dealers Choice couldn’t have been done any better. It provides the perfect mix of actors, a strong script, wonderful direction and a perfect night of entertainment.”   Broadway Australia

Director Craig Ilott
Set Design Nicholas Dare
Lighting Design Matthew Marshall
Original Co-Producer Katie Millington

Originally co-produced with The Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney




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