From Sydney, NSW


by Mary Rachel Brown
An Apocalypse Theatre & Critical Stages Production

 Previous Season:  Griffin Theatre Independent Season 2015
 Genre:  Theatre, Dramatic Comedy
 Duration:  90 minutes
 Suits:  Any space
 Minimum Stage:  26 square metres
 Touring:  March - April 2016, and Feb - Nov 2017

Cast:      Richard Sydenham, Jamie Oxenbould, Danny Adcock, Noel Hodda

Director:  Glynn Nicholas

Designer:Georgia Hopkins

Lighting Designer: Toby Knyvett

Sound Designer: Daryl Wallis

Original Producer: Dino Dimitriades, Apocalypse Theatre

Images: Robert Catto

For the Sinclair family, the cut-throat world of greyhound racing is a religion. And their beloved dog Boy Named Sue is more than a greyhound; he’s their heart and soul on four legs. With the crucial Winnebago Classic on the horizon, Cess Sinclair has one shot at reversing his family’s fortunes for good. Against all the odds, he’s betting on a miracle. 

The Dapto Chaser is warts-and-all Australian dramatic comedy that gets its hands dirty with the adrenaline, sweat and guts of the controversial dog racing sub-culture. The Sinclairs are a family trapped in the pressure cooker of gambling addiction and when things don’t go to plan, they are forced to gamble the most important commodity of all – their relationship to each other. 

Playwright Mary Rachel Brown wrote The Dapto Chaser perched in the bleachers track-side, while director Glynn Nicholas will be going on an all-schnitzel diet to get it over the line. 

Warning: This production contains dogs, bitches, mongrels, drugs, cheating, lying, winning, losing and masses of family dysfunction. 

“Playwright Mary Rachel Brown has scripted a whippet smart play, a family saga set in the sub culture of dog racing. Fleet of foot, full of laughs and plenty of pathos, the play beats with the heart of a champion... Like a canine on cocaine, The Dapto Chaser is a get up and go show. Run to see it” 

Australian Stage 

“Brown wrings humour from every twist of the plot and the play glows in this well acted and thoroughly realised production directed by Glynn Nicholas” 

Sydney morning Herald 

“Four actors, all perfectly cast, each giving spectacular performances that leave no imaginable room for improvement” Suzy goes see 

“Plays like The Dapto Chaser deserve to live forever. This is an icon of Australian theatre. Or should prove to be.” Brad Syke, Syke on Stage 

Apocalypse Theatre Company is committed to staging work that speaks to the here and now. We hunger for stories that wrestle with the tender and the savage. Our company is committed to staging new Australian work, to embracing diversity of experience, and to championing female playwrights. Our recent rapid-response series ASYLUM brought together 97 artists to explore one of the most contentious issues in Australia, the plight of displaced people and their search for safety. 

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Production Still: The Dapto Chaser, 
 production Still: The Dapto Chaser

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