From Sydney, NSW


by Drew Fairley and Kate Smith

A Smith and Fairley Production

 Previous Success:  Sold out season with Darlinghurst Theatre Compnay for 33 performances. Sold out season with IPAC Wollongong for 4 shows and featured at parramatta Riverside's Last Laugh Festival 2005. Sout out at the Philladelphia Live Arts Festival USA.
 Genre:  Comedy
 Duration:  75 minutes
 Suits:  Large and Medium sized theatres
 Minimum Stage:  Flexible
 Touring:  One off buy ins and touring 2006, 2007, 2008

Bangers and Mash is a hilarious comedy with a splash of melodrama, a heap of sitcom, lashings of slapstick, a dash of horror, and buckets of comedy. With breathtaking choreography, a song or two and deftly delivered one-liners, Bangers and Mash will leave you wanting to fall in love all over again.

Meet Bart, a cad and a womaniser who answers a share house ad and moves in with Mash; she’s single, likes Barbara Streisand and has a broken heart. Watch as they grapple with that certain romantic chemistry, forbidden between housemates. What do you do? Do you make a move... or do you move out?

Featuring the amazing and formidable duo of Drew Fairley and Kate Smith. An Australian team who have toured shows to the Edinburgh, Philadelphia Live Arts and New York festivals all to great critical acclaim. Now they deliver thigh slapping comedic genius for the delight of Australian audiences with their touring production of Bangers and Mash.

Voted one of the Best Independent Productions of 2003 by the Sun Herald.

Featuring Drew Fairley and Kate Smith
Director Chris Baker
Touring Design Leonie Evans
Lighting Design Luiz Pampolha
Graphic Design Sensory Creative

"performers Fairley and Smith – think of them as funnier versions of Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan” - Sun Herald.

“Smith and Fairley have created a show so hilarious and heart wrenching you’ll be giggling for weeks.”

“A show for audiences of all types, Bangers and Mash never failed to win them over. You can enjoy the romance of it all and also enjoy it for its cheekiness and good hearted satire.”
- Glenn Terry Artistic Director of Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Originally co-produced with Darlinghurst Theatre Company




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